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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some suggestions on what to wear to your photo session

Here are some suggestions for successful portraits at Images for Life Studio.
Bring several changes of clothes, so the photographer may advise you which will be best for your portrait. Especially bring your favorite clothing that fits best. Your portrait will be more enduring if your choice of clothing is less likely to go out of style soon.

Simple lines
Light-colored clothes with light backgrounds
Solid colors
Soft pastels
Dark shoes and hosiery when wearing darker clothing and dark backgrounds
Subdued patterns
"V" necklines or high necklines
Casual or dress clothing
Long sleeves for men or women
Family clothes color coordinated
Pastel or neutral nail color
Week-old haircuts are best
Guys freshly shaven

Things to Avoid
Outfits showing tan lines
Cluttered look
Bright stripes
Bold patterns
Sleeveless clothes (OK for children)
Puff short sleeves (OK for children)
Ruffles (OK for children)
"Fad" clothing styles that will go out of style the following year.
Trendy makeup


Dena said...

Why can't men wear sleeveless shirts? They might want to show off their muscles and tatoos like Michael for example.

Images for Life SB said...

Just a suggestion Men can wear short sleeves if they want to. But in portraiture the face and eyes are the main attaction and great arms can detract from the overall image especially when there are several subjects in the image. Just and fyi.